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Why People Bond with Their Pet

If you are like our family, you consider the pets part of “tribe.” There are some specific reasons why we bond so securely with our fur-friends and pets.

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Deep Connection with Pets

Pet owners across the globe love to have dogs and cats, which they often refer to as their family members or best friends. In fact, a majority of pet owners are just as attached to their pets as they are to their kids, spouse or best friends.

Whether you think such pet owners are a little fanatical or you can relate with them, the recent studies reveal that having a strong relationship with pets can actually give them numerous benefits, through enhancing their mental and physical health and keeping their waist lines slim.

There are many reasons why people bond with their pets and some of them are as follows:

Bonding with Pets Can Help You Improve Your Life and Help You Lose Weight

Pet owners who play with their pets are much healthier because of the received benefits from having a loving and strong relationship with their cat or dog. If you’re a pet owner, think about every little thing your pet does for you as a companion.

Pets give their owners unconditional love, unlike love from another human, which may be very conditional. Your pet doesn’t care what you look like, if you made a mistake, or if you’re not the most popular person in the world. Pets love us for us, and that is a very great gift indeed.

Our animal companions can also offer us someone to talk to, who will listen to us and not get bored or interrupt, and that helps us to feel validated as individuals. We also naturally experience happiness when we watch our pets play and act silly. It allows us to be in the present moment and reconnect with our childlike amusement.

Also, think about how you show your appreciation. If you’re not showing enough appreciation with love and exercise, you might be missing out on some great advantages of a strong human-pet bond.

Connect with your pets through treating them for a long walk or play time outside. This is a good way of showing affection and you will find your pet motivating you to keep moving forward. If you take the time to go for walks with your dog, it can help reduce anxiety and increase weight loss.

A Strong Bond with Your Pet Can Enhance Your Psychological and Emotional State of Being

A strong relationship with your pet may help you cope during tough times. If you treat your pet as your best friend, it can be a good help during your challenging and emotional times or whenever you’re feeling lonely. We have heard many stories of people who were depressed and a pet rescued them.

By building a strong relationship with your pet, it can actually offer you numerous benefits. One of these is that it can make your life free from so much stress. Pets help us to feel needed, especially people who live alone and the elderly.

Research has also shown that petting your pet can improve your psychological and emotional well-being.

According to studies, bonding with pets can make pet owners feel good because their body releases hormones like serotonin whenever they are around their pets. The key to achieve a beneficial relationship is being able to concentrate on your pet with attention and love.

Science has also discovered there is a biochemical reaction happening between pet owners and their dog that is very similar to the mother-child bond. After performing an experiment where after 30 minutes of pet owners staring into the eyes of their dog, both showed signs of increased levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical which is related to instilling trust and maternal bonding.

Scientists believe this process of chemical bonding between animals and humans developed after the ancestors of dogs used eye gazing as a method of social interaction and communication with humans once they experienced positive interactions with humans. This is probably around the same time dogs started to show childlike behaviors, which further drew humans towards accepting dogs as part of their family.

Pets Can Help You Think Positive

One of the reasons why pet owners bond with their pets is because pets can help their owner think positive about their lives, which helps them to keep moving no matter how hard the situations they are facing.

A particular study showed that dog owners were not as fearful of being targets of crime when they had their dog at home or when walking their dog during night time.

It makes sense that pets help to focus your attention on them, instead of allowing your mind to concentrate on other anxieties and problems.

Pets Are Great for Your Health and for Your Family Members

Get closer to your pets through spending more time with them, as well as, get healthier simultaneously. In one study, it was suggested that a relationship with pets may lower your heart disease risk, get rid of using family doctor services, and decrease the risk of allergies and asthma in young kids. Patients in nursing homes were found to use less prescription drugs and have a lowered cost of care for those who had companion animals.

In another study, kids with relationships with their pets helps them in making friends and enhances their relationship with other members of the family. When children had a dog with them during a doctor’s visit, it was discovered their blood pressure and heart rate was lower. And when the dog was removed, the child showed signs of behavioral distress.

Research has also revealed that people who have dogs as pets have a higher rate for survival for people who have experienced a heart attack from 1 in 87 to 1 in 15. Compared with people who don’t own pets, pet owners also show to have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as, lower blood pressure.

Many Benefits of Pet Companionship

There are so many benefits and ways to bond with a pet, from assistance animals, working animals, to pet ownership. It is no surprise that humans continue to have such special bonds with animals, being how these unique relationships have existed since the beginning of human civilization. In Israeli at a burial site, they discovered a 14,000 year old human skeleton that was embracing the skeleton of a dog, showing the special bond people had with animals even from long, long ago. As one can see, relationships between humans and animals continue to exist and enrich our lives for the better.


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