Weird Things Animals Do

Animals have unique personalities and quirks just like people do. Here, we discuss some of the odd behaviors of certain creatures ranging from domesticated animals to animals of the wild.

Animals have unique personalities and quirks just like people do. Here, we discuss some of the odd behaviors of certain creatures ranging from domesticated animals to animals of the wild.


Cows are known to most humans as a delicious source of food, but cows are also deeply intuitive, caring creatures with some strange quirks. 

Did you know that cows have best friends? They will find a compatible friend out on the pasture and become inseparable friends until death do they part. Cows become visibly anxious and stressed when they are separated from their cow friend.  Some cows have even been known to commit suicide when they are sad, usually by throwing themselves from high places. Friendship shouldn’t seem like that odd of a trait. After all humans and other animals form similar bonds.

What is a little out there however, is that cows only eat facing either the North Pole or the South Pole. This seemingly went unnoticed for ages. What may seem ever stranger about this fact is who discovered it. Google had this finding when they were creating their Google Earth program.

Nobody is quite sure why a cow would be so particular about which way it is facing while eating. One theory is that cows are very perceptive to the Earth’s magnetic fields, as are a plethora of other animals. Perhaps they just like to be aligned with the Earth, so they face either the North Pole or the South Pole at each and every meal.


Turtles, our stereotypically slow friends of the water.  Turtles are known for their speed (or lack of) and their incredibly long lifespans.

Something that you may not know about turtles however, is that they have particular preferences.  Turtles have favorite colors.  How humans were able to determine this we are not sure.  However, turtles use color to find food, shelter, and even mates.

Turtles tend to rely on their sense of sight more than other animals which are typically known to favor their senses of taste and smell. So heavily do turtles depend on their sense of sight that they literally cannot go on living without it, a blind turtle is not long for this Earth. Turtles most seem to like things that are yellow, orange, and red. If you line up foods of different colors for a turtle, he will go for the ones that are of these colors first.


Pigs may seem like very strange creatures, and most of the stereotypes that follow them aren’t even true.  For example, pigs are actually very clean animals, they only roll around in mud when they are in the hot sun so they can cool down.

Pigs are some of, if not the closest relatives to humans. Humans taste like pork! Humans can receive successful blood transfusions with pig’s blood and if the heart of a pig is put into a human’s chest it will even start beating.

Pigs are very curious animals that never lose their sense of wonder. If you leave anything you don’t want eaten within a pig’s reach is a bad idea. They will literally eat anything that is left out just to find out if it is good or not.

Pigs will eat anything, even organic things such as other animals. And when they do, they eat all of it, bones included. They grind them down with their teeth which are similar to our own.


Jellyfish are immortal. You read that right. Left to it’s own devices and if it is cautious enough, a jellyfish will live forever. 

Some animals like jellyfish, giant tortoises, and possible even clams can live forever. They are all subject to something called negligible senescence. 

What this is, is a lack of aging. These animals aren’t immune from death of course, if something eats them or they get hit by a train, they will surely die like anything else would.


Crocodiles are an animal you really wouldn’t want to get up and personal with. Due to the terror they can create, they have enough problems of their own. For example, only one percent of them get to live beyond the ripe old age of one year. The rest are promptly eaten by predators.

But they do some cool things that you wouldn’t expect. Like eat rocks. Rocks are probably generally lacking in flavor, but crocodiles have a pretty good reason for eating them. Rocks in their stomachs help them swim. The acids in their stomach aren’t quite strong enough to break down stone material, so they sit there and help them keep balance while swimming.

You’d think eating stones would be bad for your teeth. Crocodiles are known for their sharp, intimidating teeth, all twenty-four of them. While being known for their fearsome teeth, crocodiles actually do not use them for chewing. Their teeth are actually for snapping down and crushing prey. The rocks they eat are used in their stomachs to grind up the food they’ve eaten. It’s surely an odd system, but it seems to work out for them.

Horned Lizards

Horned lizards are scary looking little things all on their own. So naturally, nature gave them the scariest defense mechanism we’ve ever heard of. When they feel threatened, they shoot blood straight out of their eye sockets.

This defense is quite effective. It’s not surprising considering the stream they shoot can reach nearly six feet in length. If some little creature shot a long stream of blood at you straight out of their eyes, you’d be out of there too. The blood they shoot is just regular blood, it isn’t dangerous or poisonous, it is just extremely startling.


Everyone learned in elementary school that whales are actually mammals. Nothing too surprising there. What you probably never thought about however is whales breastfeeding.

It is true, just like any other mammal, whales breastfeed their young. And apparently, their milk is actually very nutritious. Whale milk is nearly fifty-percent fat, which is around nine times the fat content contained in human milk.

Floating around out there in the great oceans, how is a whale to breast feed their young? Whales have nipples just like any other mammal, as odd as that is to think about. It gets weirder. In order to feed the young calf, the adult whale shoots a concentrated stream of milk right into its mouth. It must be quite an amusing feature to see, if only we could see them do it.

And so, there you have it. Some entertaining and wildly odd facts about animals that share this diverse and eccentric earth with us humans.

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