This Dog Practice Needs to Stop NOW

The dog pictured has gone through a process known as "ear cropping," which is where a dog's ears are cut to make them stand upright permanently.

We’re talking about tail docking and ear cropping. They are essentially forms of mutilation or amputation, and are completely medically unnecessary. In many cases, it is purely for aesthetics. These procedures are hotly debated, and many will argue in it’s defense, while others say these practices are indefensible and cruel.

The practice is so common that most people who see these breeds, such as dobermans, are simply born that way. Most tend to believe that they naturally have perked up ears and short, stubby tails.

After the dogs ears are cropped, they are then held up with polystyrene cups and tape until they are healed and stand by themselves.

There is a massive lack of awareness about theses procedures. Most Americans don’t want to know about these processes. If they did, they would likely be less keen to have them done to their pups.

They are usually performed when puppies are less than a week old, with scissors or scalpels, or elastic bands. Sometimes these procedures are done without the use of anesthetic.

These can be seen as a form of cruelty. In fact, the practices are banned in Australia, and much of Europe. It is still legal in both Canada and the U.S. although it is no longer taught by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The practice is believed to have started with the Romans, who believed that dog’s tails were the cause of Rabies. Today we know that this is not true, so why do we continue this process?

Tell us what you think about these practices in the comments below. Be an animal advocate for all cases of animal neglect and abuse. Here is a story of a dog that could have ended in tragedy, but instead started a foundation.

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