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Ontario Woman May be Jailed After Giving Water to Dehydrated Pigs

An animal activist in Burlington, Ontario has landed herself with criminal mischief charges after she gave water to dehydrated pigs. She held a plastic bottle through the opening of a truck on June 22nd 2015 outside of Fearman’s Pork Inc. in Burlington when the driver of the truck yelled at her “Don’t give him anything! Do not put water in there!”

The woman retorted “Jesus said if they are thirsty, give them water!”

The woman is Anita Krajnc, one of the founders of Toronto Pig Save, an organization formed in 2010 that holds weekly vigils. The vigils have changed location over the years but recently is usually held outside of Fearman’s Pork Inc. Krajnc’s foundation’s member regularly post outside of traffic lights to give food and water to pigs on their way to slaughter.

The driver of the truck, Jeffery Veldjesgraaf, claimed that the pigs were loaded into the truck an hour before the protest and that it was unlikely that they were dehydrated. Veldjesgraaf believes that the charges are valid and claims that the protesters acted in a manor that could have harmed themselves, or that the water given to the pigs could have contaminated the livestock.

The issue is raising a debate over whether pigs are property, or individuals. Pigs are routinely stuffed in these trucks by the hundreds and hauled long distances regardless of weather and the welfare of the animals.

Under Canadian law pigs are considered “property” and can legally be transported for 3 full days without food or water. If she is convicted, she faces no more than 6 months in jail, or a fine of $5,000. Anita has said on the record that she will refuse to pay any fine for the incident, and that she is willing to serve the jail time.

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The case has been getting much publicity, and Krajnc has become somewhat of a celebrity since. A petition on Care2 to drop Anita’s charges has already garnered over a hundred thousand signatures. Animal advocates have also been taking to twitter with the hashtags #StandWithAnita and #PigTrial:

The trial continues October 3rd, where Krajnc will testify. What do you think? Were Anita Krajnc’s actions justified? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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1 Comment

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