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Black Lab Protects Owner During Violent Clown Attack

This is just a stock image of a black lab, and not an actual picture of our hero Jojo.

A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma says he was protected by his dog when he was attacked by a clown.

Taylor Landon was walking his black lab JoJo in the evening when a strange looking clown attacked him. Landon says JoJo started barking, and when he turned around he was punched in the face by the clown.

Landon said he had no choice but to fight the clown so him and JoJo managed to fight off their attacker and run to a safer distance. When Landon looked back he said the clown was just standing there staring at them, and then slowly started walking towards them.

The clown apparently didn’t say a word. He was wearing white face makeup with red lips, an orange afro wig, and a full size rainbow costume. “It was super weird, super creepy,” Landon stated.

This ordeal was horrifying for Landon who says that clowns are his biggest fear. “I hate clowns too. It is my worst fear, a crazy clown, and it happens to me.”

In the wake of recent clown episodes around the country, authorities are urging people to avoid dressing up as clown this Halloween. Landon stated that people should be careful of the clowns and to take their threat seriously.

Landon talked to channel 8 in Tulsa about his experience with the clown in the video below.

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1 Comment

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