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Cats and People – The Animal Human Bond

Having a pet in your life can be a very rewarding thing. They bring an endless amount of love and comfort without needed a lot in return. They are always there for you, and many pet owners would say that over time, there is an animal human connection that forms between a pet and their owner. Many animals can pick up on the feelings of their owners.

Cats can form a life long bond with their owner. They can sense emotions and illness.

And it helps to further create this strong bond between them. When that pet passes away, it can be very hard for the human to really be able to go on without that one special bond.

Here are two stories that we received in our mail:

“According to the neighborhood gossip, Mrs. O’Leary this little kitten was the sole survivor of a litter of kittens thrown from a speeding car. Mrs. O’Leary picked up the small kitten and tried her holistic methods of medical treatment on her.  Living on a fixed income did not allow her the luxury of taking the stray to the vet, but she had healed many animals and humans with her potions, oils and tender loving care.

Knowing that she could not keep another animal and guessing that the Rasmussen who were on a larger plot of land and animal lovers would take the stray, she took the survivor there the next week.

Mrs. Rasmussen was known as a soft touch and could not turn away any living thing that needed a good meal, a warm bed and someone to love them.

The kitten did recover, in some ways.  Her growth was stunted and her legs were so short, they were almost invisible.  She also seemed to have some brain damage since she did things a smart cat would not dare.  Not very politically correct but they named the cat “Crazy.”

Rather than jumping in people’s laps, she preferred to jump on their back when they least expected it.  Her claws would fasten in the coat or shirt and refuse to let lose until someone else came along to disengage the cat.

She also traumatized and harassed the chickens.  The Rasmussen’s depended on the eggs to sale at Farmer’s Market. Needless to say, they were not happy and neither were the chickens.

One day a hen was sick and tired of Crazy’s unrelenting bullying of the chickens and she took out after her.  Orange fur and white feathers flew all over the farmyard and the noise was unbearable.  It brought Mrs. Rasmussen outside with a broom to stop the melee in the farmyard.

After getting a few digs from the hen’s teeth and claws and some substantial whacks of the broom, Crazy was humbled.  So was Mrs. Rasmussen, who was crying when her husband returned home from the fields.

“I never thought I would see the day when I was ready to commit murder and harm to an animal, but that Crazy one takes the cake.”

After that, Crazy was maybe not bright, but certainly more careful.  When she was outside, she slinked along the ground and stayed in the shadows of the house.  She didn’t want to enrage the Hen or Mrs. Rasmussen.

Just so you know, this is the difference between cats and dogs.  Cats intuitively know to make themselves scarce when there is lots of commotion.  Dogs do just the opposite.  When there is a lot of confusion or what appears to be out of context goings on, they bark. And bark. And bark.  They get very tense and tend to make themselves be bigger, whereas a cat will withdraw and slip away with the least amount of notice.

The last I heard, Crazy is still with the Rasmussen.  When we go over to visit, I am careful to not turn my back on her or look like I have feathers in my hair.

Mary Pepper


Letting Go Of A Pet Is Hard by Tammy Franz

My husband has had his cat for thirteen years. He adopted her as a kitten and raised her. Over the years, he has been his one constant in her life, and she has become so attuned to him and his schedule, that she will wait at the door when he should be arriving home. She can tell when he is going to have an anxiety attack, she knows just when he should get up in the morning, without the alarm going off, and she is so attached to him that if he does not pay her attention she will get angry at him.

Cats Own People

Cats are generally more independent from their owners than dogs are, and for a cat to have such a strong connection with a human, it is amazing to see. While she is still alive, she is not as young and agile as she used to be, and her days are getting numbered we are afraid. But the bond that is present between her and my husband is so strong that I know it will be hard for my husband to accept that she is no longer with us, when that sad inevitable time comes around.

Pets Are Part Of Family

Pets are important parts of the family, and for many people, they are also good friends. They listen to our fears, they catch our tears, and they never judge us on what we have to say.

The bond that forms between them and us is special and will never truly be broken. It will always be around, and more importantly, it will help us when the inevitable time of their parting comes to pass. It may be hard, but we can remember just how much we loved them and they loved us, and in time, things will get easier to handle.

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