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Animals See Ghosts-They Sense & Smell Dead People By Val Heart

dogs sense of smell, pleasant smell, unpleasant smell, dog can sense ordor. Out of this world smell

 This post came to me today and I asked my friend, Dr. Doolittle or Val Heart, an animal communicator for permission to share with you.  Read on to see what the animals have to say about ghosts, spirits, and things that go bump in the night.

Here is some information about Val and her important work:

Val Heart – The Real Dr Doolittle™ & Animal Communicator to the Stars; internationally known as an expert animal communicator, teacher, author & master healer; Founder of the Heart System for solving problems with pets, Founder of The Heart School of Animal Communication and Host of the  Free eBook: Hidden Secrets to Communicating With Pets at  (210) 906-8810

In honor of Halloween, today is a great day to tell you a little tale about my work with ghosts!

I’ve done a LOT of work with ghosts over the years because as you know, my specialty in working with animals is solving problems with pets.  It’s just that, well, sometimes the problem is actually a ghost!

I didn’t set out to be a ghost buster, but my work with animals occasionally takes me to unusual, unexpected and fascinating places.

Have you ever noticed your animal staring off into space like they’re watching something you can’t see?

Or reacting oddly to a certain area of your house, yard, barn or stable for no known reason?

That’s because animals do in fact see ghosts.  They can sense and see ‘dead people’.


I’m always amazed and intrigued when a consultation takes a spooky turn and I find myself communicating with a deceased loved one or a lost soul who can’t find their way home.

For instance, a German Shepherd told me that there was a young man’s spirit floating through the walls of their apartment at odd times of the day and night.  It was very scary for him.  He was trying his best to protect his person but all the spirit did was laugh at him.

His mom thought her beloved dog was losing his mind!  He was viciously attacking and reacting to something she could not see or sense. The vet and her trainer were clueless.

She was terrified she might have to put him down or that he might hurt somebody.

Once the dog told us his side of the story, I shifted my focus to address the spirit.  He told me his story, how he came to be a disembodied spirit which was a sad tale about being murdered in the vicinity and losing his girlfriend and… well, that’s a tale for another day.

I was able to help the lost soul come to terms with what had happened to him, and then he was ready to go home, back to Source.  As soon as he left the premises never to return, the dog returned to the loving, happy furry kid he truly was and all was well again.

dogs sense of smell, pleasant smell, unpleasant smell, dog can sense ordor. Out of this world smell

Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. they can sense if there is an odor that is pleasant, unpleasant or “out of this world.”

Amazing, right?  There’s more…

A Thoroughbred dressage horse told me that there was a Native American Indian in the far corner of his practice arena.  The Indian had warned him to stay away from that area or else!  And nothing his rider could do would change his mind about it, and that was that.

In order to solve the problem, I respectfully connected with the Indian who turned out to be the Guardian of the ancient sacred burial grounds that happened to be located on this property. When I told my client what I’d discovered, she confirmed that in fact, that was true.  They had built their place on part of what was known to be sacred ground.  She said that she and her husband had occasionally “seen” the Indian in their home and around the grounds!

We found a way to respectfully negotiate an agreement with the Indian Guardian so that the horses could go into that area for their exercise and practice, and all was well.  The horses were happy, and the Indian was again at peace.

Animals can see spirits, animals can see ghosts, horses are in the pasture, indian burial ground

Horses may avoid a certain part of the pasture. Perhaps it was an Indian burial ground at one time. Animals can see and feel ghosts & spirits.

My students tell me often that learning animal communication the way I teach it is an amazing spiritual awakening process.


When you learn how to hear your animals for yourself, you’ll better understand the world from their perspective and a whole new amazing world is revealed.

It’s tons of fun and not really scary at all, I promise.


A few years ago, I worked with a horse who was unpredictable and pretty crazy.  At times, Sam was just fine.  He seemed happy enough, laid back and easy going.  At other times, he was aggressive, spooky and completely unpredictable.

His person Shari had spent a lot of money trying a lot of different things… vet tests, different trainers, changing tack, food, different supplements… She’d done everything she could think of, and I was called in as a last resort.

When I tuned in to communicate with Sam, I was surprised to discover I was talking to 3 distinctly different personalities!


It took a little while to sort out who was who, and who actually belonged in the body and who did not.  After that, it was fairly simple to send the ‘visitors’ on their way.

Shari called me back 3 days after our session and tearfully thanked me for saving her horse’s life.  She said that all his bizarre behavior was completely gone.  She’d waited 3 days to call me because she couldn’t believe the difference and wanted to see if it would last… and it did.  Sam was his happy, loving, sweet self again.

Communicating with animals is always interesting – we just never know where they will take us, what’s important to them, and what insights they have that we never expected to discover.

Goes to show you that even if you think you know what’s wrong with your animal, that you may not have a clue.

Have you been wanting to learn animal communication too?

Don’t be scared, you most likely won’t run into possessed animals… it’s really a pretty rare.

pet stories

Animals are aware of spirits and ghosts. Learn to communicate with your pets and animals. They have much to teach us.

occurrence.  And if you do, you can just send them to me… I know how to take care of them.

What you WILL run into pretty much every day of your life are animals who want to tell you their stories, show you where it hurts, and share their heart, love, and joy.

I know you’ll enjoy The Real Dr Doolittle Show interview with Olga Horvat about her remarkable story which she wrote about in her book, Paranormal Pooch.  I had a blast interviewing her about her paranormal activities and how the experience changed her and her family’s life.

Click Here to listen (it’s Free)   

Hope you and your kiddo’s (2 and 4 leggeds) have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Much love,


“Ghosts don’t haunt us. That’s not how it works. They’re present among us because we won’t let go of them.”  – Sue Grafton

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About Val 


Val Heart got her start in animal communication more than 25 years ago when an injured mare spontaneously told her why the wound on her hip wouldn’t heal.  Through the conversation, Val and the owner were astonished as the wound simply disappeared right before their eyes as she shared her story!

Today, Val is a leading animal communication expert, internationally recognized pet psychic and master healer and teacher. Val can help you learn how to create a magical bond between you and your animal and get at the root of what is really going on in their life. 
Not the typical animal communicator or teacher, her specialty is healing and solving problems with pets through a uniquely powerful spiritual journey.  Students find her training to be life changing and profound. 
If you want to learn how to talk to animals yourself, and you don’t want to waste a lot of time, energy and money chasing your tail on expensive onsite coursework, then Val can help!  The Heart School Method of teaching animal communication is designed to give you exactly what you need to open, explore and master the telepathic energetic communication channels between you and animals.
Her mission and passion is to reach and teach One Million Animal Lovers around the world.  improve the lives of animals the world over by helping humans learn how to speak their language, understand their viewpoints, and heal.  After all, it’s our love of animals that helps us learn how to be better humans, and the more balanced and healthy we are, the more balanced and healthy they can be too. 
Can you imagine how great your life and relationship with your animals will be when you know how to speak their language?  Let Val show you how easy it is to hear your animal’s voice and access their wisdom.

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1 Comment

  1. Rebecca at MattieDog

    November 1, 2016 at 7:13 pm

    We really loved this article – and we agree that dogs hold a very real spiritual connection. They are more pure and thus things that humans struggle to comprehend comes more easily. Definitely worth rereading throughout the month, so help deepen the impression this article has left me with. We’ll share this post with our readers – thank you!

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