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A Texas Man Has Built a Train For Stray Dogs, and They Love It

Eugene Bostick is an 80 year old Texan who has built something remarkable, a train to give rides to stray dogs.
Eugene Bostick and his train of dogs taking a ride into town.

Eugene Bostick is an 80 year old native resident of Fort Worth, Texas. Eugene and his brother, Corky, are not resting in their old age but rather doing something remarkable. They care for stray dogs, which unfortunately get abandoned at the end of the road by the brothers’ property.

Eugene and his brother have been caring for animals around their farm property for 30 years now, where the dogs have ample room to run and frolic around. The brothers wanted to find a way to bring all of the dogs out on the town but didn’t know how, likely because of the number of dogs they are caring for at a time.

Eugene caught sight of a tractor pulling several carts in succession and got the idea for his dog train. Eugene got to work cutting holes in plastic barrels. He put wheels on the bottom of each cart and stringed them together in a line. He attached a tractor to the front and had a completed dog train, perhaps the only one in existence.

Eugene Bostick's dog train in motion!

These dogs, once abandoned, have found a new pleasure in life. Bostick says that when the dogs hear him hooking the tractor up to the line of carts, the dogs all come running and jumping with excitement.

It is now a sight of local amusement as Bostick carts the dogs into once or twice weekly. People will stop them on the street and ask if they can take pictures with the dog train. Bostick commented that he is getting old, but the dogs really enjoy the rides, so he’ll continue the train for as long as he is able.

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  1. Val Silver

    November 5, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    This is one of the funniest, sweetest things I’ve seen. Those lucky dogs and what a great heart Eugene has. How fun for him the dogs and everyone who gets to see them.

  2. Malaika Fernandes

    November 7, 2016 at 12:13 am

    God Bless this man. I absolutely loved reading this heart warming story it made my day

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